Ah, the fashion game genre. Where pixelated runway models rule the catwalk and players get to unleash their inner fashionista. It's the perfect game genre for those who want to play dress-up without being judged by their IRL friends. Why do players love this genre, you ask? Well, because it's a chance to create dreamy outfits, mix and match patterns, and accessorize to their heart's content. And let's not forget the joy of seeing their virtual model saunter down the runway, dripping in style and confidence. Lucky for you, on this site, we've compiled a well-picked list of the top fashion games of this genre. From casual dress-up games to high-stakes fashion competitions, we've got it all. So, whether you're in the mood to play designer for a day or just want to have some fun with fashion, you've come to the right place. Now, go forth and let your fashion flag fly!

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The World Ends With You

  • License: n/a
  • Platforms: DS, iPhone / iPad, Switch, Android
  • Release: 2007
  • Rating: 8.3/10