Ah, the undercover agent game genre. Who doesn't love playing spy for a day or two? It's the perfect excuse to wear a suit and sunglasses indoors without feeling ridiculous. Players love the thrill of infiltrating top-secret organizations, pulling off heists, and escaping danger while in disguise. There's just something inexplicably satisfying about outsmarting the enemy and saving the day incognito. And if you're looking for the top games in this genre, you're in luck! This site has meticulously curated a list of the best undercover agent games out there. From stealth missions to high-speed chases, these games will keep you on the edge of your seat and entertained for hours. So go ahead and channel your inner James Bond or Sydney Bristow, and let the fun begin!

Games like Perfect Dark

Perfect Dark

  • License: n/a
  • Platforms: Xbox 360, Browser, XSX, Xbox One
  • Release: 2000
  • Rating: 8/10

Games like Driver 2

Driver 2

  • License: n/a
  • Platforms: Console
  • Release: 2000
  • Rating: 7.6/10

Games like Driver 2 Advance

Driver 2 Advance

  • License: n/a
  • Platforms: Console
  • Release: 2002
  • Rating: 6.9/10

Games like Tom Clancys Splinter Cell Double Agent

Tom Clancys Splinter Cell Double Agent

  • License: n/a
  • Platforms: PC, PS2, Xbox 360, Console, Wii, PS3, Xbox One, XSX
  • Release: 2006
  • Rating: 5.1/10

Games like Charlies Angels

Charlies Angels

  • License: commercial
  • Platforms: Console, PS2
  • Release: 2003
  • Rating: 2.6/10