Are you tired of living in the real world? Do you wish you could create your own reality? Well, then the world-building sim genre is perfect for you! This genre allows players to become master creators, building their own worlds from the ground up. From deciding the terrain to populating it with unique characters, players have complete control. One of the reasons players love this genre is the sense of power it provides. Who wouldn't want to be a god-like figure, controlling the destiny of an entire universe? Plus, the creative possibilities are endless, allowing players to unleash their inner artist and designer. On this site, you will find a carefully curated list of the top world-building sim games, hand-picked by our team of experts. From the classics to the latest and greatest, you'll find a game that suits your style. So, put on your creative hat and get ready to build the world of your dreams!

Games like Afterlife


  • License: n/a
  • Platforms: PC, Mac
  • Release: 1996
  • Rating: 7.9/10

Games like From Dust

From Dust

  • License: commercial
  • Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, Browser, PS3
  • Release: 2011
  • Rating: 7.2/10