Find similar games - is the website to find games that are similar to others. Especially when you search for an alternative to the game you already know, will help you. Our purpose is to index all relevant games and link them to their relatives. Use our search to find a game you like and our system will present you games that are similar to that game. For example, if you like to play World of Warcraft but don't want to pay the subscription fee, then you can search here for "World of Warcraft" and we will show you similar games that are partly for free (games similar to WoW).

Why Similar Games?
When people searching for things or in this case for games, they often don't know the category or keyword to find specific games. For instance, if you are looking for a good platform game that is available for mobile, you can either search for this specific categories, or you can search for similar games to Temple Run which is a fantastic game in this category. In my opinion the latter kind of search is better and more user friendly. That is why I created!